Italy Private Tour | Kathy C – NC

Dear Carlo,

I am sorry that I have taken so long to write to you. It certainly is not because I was unhappy with our trip. The trip to Italy was absolutely fantastic! My daughters and I had an experience that we will never forget. I can’t tell you how special this trip was for them as they are adults and had never been abroad. It was a wonderful experience for the three of us to get to travel together as grown-ups too!

The whole trip went so smoothly and we did not have to worry about anything other than having ourselves ready to meet our guides or drivers. Choosing where we wanted to eat was one of the few decisions that we had to make, that and what to buy!! All of the people that we came in contact with from our driver from Rome to Sorrento, Alessandro, our driver and guide around The Amalfi Coast, our guide at Pompeii, our guide, Guissy, for our walking tours of Rome, the guide at the Borghese and our wonderful guide and driver to Tuscany were just the best. They were all helpful, knowledgable, friendly and seemed to really enjoy sharing their country with us. I am so glad that I took family advice and had private guides. They made the trip so worthwhile, especially where there were large crowds, they were able to guide to all the important places. You really do have a good crew working for you in Italy!

Again, this was so special for me and my girls. They are still telling me thank you every time I see them and I have been getting special hugs of gratitude. I know that the trip would not have been as successful as it was, if I had not gotten all the wonderful planning from you. Keep up the good work and, hopefully, my husband and I will plan a trip to Tuscany sometime. Making the day trip up there was one of the real highlights of our trip and our guide was fantastic!! Thank you so much for helping us have a trip of a lifetime together.

Kathy C

Italy Private Tour – May 2015