Italy Private Tour | Janice D. – MD

“Hi Carlo, I wanted you to know that you planned the perfect trip and everything was flawless. All the hotels were just what we wanted. They were all delightfully small, friendly and quiet. Every guide, driver and transfer persons were on time and very helpful–we were so grateful to get off the plane or the trains and see a friendly face holding a card with our name on it. Our special favorites were Daniel in Florence,he thoughtfully brought a his car, bought train tickets for us, went biking with us and actually sprinted to Pisa ticket booth to insure Amanda’s place in line. And Marco in Amalfi took such good care of us and was a such a careful driver that I actually relaxed on those switch-back roads. Our favorite hotel if we had to pick one was on the isle of Capri, mostly because the 2 ladies there were so nice and friendly. We needed that day off in Amalfi–should have planned 2 days off. Guido in Venice, Pina in Pompeii, Valentina in Pompeii and Giusy in Rome were amazing with their knowledge and consideration of our wishes.”

Custom tour to Italy – July 2011
Customized travel and tour planning to Italy by Eco Italia