Italy Private Tour | Dolly L – WI

Hi Larry and Carlo,

I want to let you know that I loved everything about the trip other than the accident and the Calatrava bridge! The transfers all worked so well and the drivers were great!  We, and especially Rosanne, have a warm spot in our heart for Pietro.  The guides were all very good.   Our favorite was Guido. The hotel in Monterosso worked well for us. We loved Villa in Tuscany!  I did not notice that the bed was hard.  I did notice though that 3 of the 4 places we stayed had 2 twins put together to make the king size bed.  It didn’t bother us too much, and I’ve seen that before, but not quite as frequently. The Venice hotel was fine.  It had a sewer smell the first day, but that seemed to dissipate.  We had the best rooms in the hotel, I think, as we requested ones over the canal.  I also thought that to have to pay for internet was cheap.  It should just be built in to the cost of the room. The hotel in Rome was great.  As it turned out, it was not very accessible for handicapped people.  Rosanne had to go up the 8 or 10 stairs on her butt, to get to the elevator.  The rooms were the nicest of the trip.  All of the hotels had wonderful breakfasts!                           There were 2 changes that we made to the itinerary, but it didn’t appear to have been communicated to the involved parties.  One was the meeting time with Virginia in Rome.  She thought it was 9:30 and I had changed it to 10:00, and it took us 15 more minutes than expected to climb the stairs of the Duomo, so she almost left.  Thank goodness she didn’t and it worked just fine.   The other was the change in time for the winery tour, from morning to afternoon.  There again, we did end up getting a tour from a rookie, but he was fun and we enjoyed it! Tuscany was our favorite.  We all said we would go back to Casanova di Pescille and spend the whole time there! I am so pleased with everything though, and thank you soooooo much for all you did to make it a very memorable trip.  Helping us with getting the wheelchair and crutches was instrumental in making those last couple of days go smoothly, so Rosanne could enjoy it too. I would highly recommend your services to anyone going to Italy!!!!

Customized tour to Italy – May 2014
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