Italy Private Tour | Tom B. – MT

With our children both being married and neither having their own children, my wife and I decided to have a family trip to Italy, as we had enjoyed our visits there so much.  We utilized the services of Carlo at Ecoitalia because we had heard that he had great ideas about and connections in Italy.  We had a two week family vacation that was terrific.

Carlo found us great hotels within our price range.  They were centrally located in the major cities and all were to our liking. He also opened up Umbria to us and arranged for us to stay in a renovated nunnery that had a delightful rural setting.  Carlo also arranged train trips and tours of museums.  Without the help of Carlo, our seeing the Uffizi Museum and the statute of David in Florence would not have been possible because of the crowds.  His suggestions for restaurants were always good.

We would utilize Carlo’ s services again if we were to return to Italy — and we hope that we will be able to do so.

Tom and Ann Boone
Missoula, MT
Customized trip to Italy May, 2001