Italy Private Tour | Kevin R. – NJ

“Carlo, I can’t begin to thank you for the wonderful trip you helped Kevin put together to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary. Everything was first rate. The Hotels were magnificent, especially the hotel in Sorrento. They were all wonderfully located close to many of the things we wanted to see, especially in Rome and Florence. The transportation and private guides you arranged were all professional, knowledgeable and very pleasant. They added significantly to the enjoyment of our trip.

The hotel in Rome was only one block from Piazza del Popola and only a few blocks from the Spanish Steps. We were actually able to walk to all of our favorite spots from the hotel: Piazza Novanna, the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain to name a few. Meanwhile the hotel was beautiful and the accommodations terrific.

The private guide in Rome, Nando, was the best! He actually grew up around the ruins before they were excavated and played in the area during the unearthing of the ruins. He was 80 years old but extremely knowledgable and hard to keep up with. The next day he took us on a private tour of the Vatican and even though we’d been there three times before, we learned so much and saw things that we’d never been exposed to before. Your choice for our guide here was masterful.

When we moved on to Sorrento, the hotel was wonderful! The view of the bay was awesome as soon as you entered the hotel grounds. Also walking distance to the shopping and tourist areas of Sorrento. But when we got to our room I was totally floored. It was a duplex of sorts with the bed in a loft, but what really amazed me was the view from our balcony. We were about 300-400 feet up overlooking the bay. Truly Magnificent; again, perfect hotel, perfect location.

Our private guide and driver was fantastic. Paolo was extremely helpful getting me to my dialysis session in Pompeii, and spoke very good English.

Our private guide in Pompeii again was very knowledgeable and showed us things we hadn’t seen in two other visits.

The Villa in Sienna was typically Tuscan and the view from our private patio over the Tuscan landscape was beautiful. The Villa was magnificent and the restaurant at the Villa was so good, we ate there every night of our stay.

Our private guide in Sienna was a very proud person who lived there her whole life. She showed us a very personal side of Sienna, especially the twice annual horse race. Again, as a native she was a perfect choice to show us Sienna through her eyes as a proud Siennese.

We spent my Birthday touring the Tuscan Countryside and small villages with another ideal guide, Daniele. He took us off the beaten path during our 10 hour day through many Tuscan villages and a magnificent Abbey.

In Florence the hotel was walking distance from all of the sights we wanted to see, the Duomo, Sante Croce and Piazza del Signoria, as well as being a very beautiful hotel.

Back in Rome for our last night in Italy we stayed right in the Piazza in front of the Pantheon at a beautiful hotel. You couldn’t imagine a nicer hotel or a better location. From the front steps of hotel, you could take perfect pictures of the piazza and the Pantheon.

All in all, this was the Trip of a Lifetime and I truly appreciate all of the work you did to make it as fantastic as it was. You choice of Hotels, Guides, and Drivers were magnificent, Thank you.

I can go on and on about how wonderfully you planned everything. You arranged everything around my dialysis sessions and obviously you kept in mind my health problems and limitations. It could not have been more custom tailored to our wants and needs. You are truly a Master at your Craft.

Thank you,”

Kevin and Carol Ann Ruscio
Bayville, New Jersey
Customized trip to Italy – September 2005